Examples of development cooperation

In recent years, we have supported development cooperation:

Arbeitslosigkeit bekämpft

In KIUMA im Süden Tansanias fördert die DEICHMANN-Stiftung die Ausbildung junger Menschen zu Landwirten. Moderne und nachhaltige Anbaumethoden führen zur Grundsicherung ganzer Gemeinden.

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Brunnen für Madagaskar. SaniTap repariert defekte Pumpen, baut neue und übernimmt die Wartung. Die DEICHMANN-Stiftung fördert das Projekt. Der Zugang zu sauberem Trinkwasser für die Madagassen ist gesichert.
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Transformation benachteiligter Jugendlicher in Uganda zu Sozialunternehmern

Die DEICHMANN-Stiftung fördert die Social Innovation Academy (SINA). Ein Programm, das benachteiligte Jugendliche in Uganda zu engagierten Unternehmern befähigt. Sie gründen Sozialunternehmen und stärken ihre Gemeinden.

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In Kenya, villagers and entrepreneurs from the capital Nairobi are working together to develop ideas that help fight hunger in other villages in the country. The DEICHMANN Foundation is also involved in this pioneering project.


The Foundation helps the International Justice Mission to curb violence against women and children in different countries, including Uganda, and to strengthen the legal systems there.


In Haiti, 400 impoverished, socially excluded women and men are building a sustainable livelihood, improving their state of health and becoming more integrated into their communities than they were before.

social equality

Seed promotes the right of every human being to live in a socially, economically and ecologically healthy community. The DEICHMANN Foundation supports the organisation in this endeavour.

Further examples of support in this area may be obtained on request.

You can support us in our work.

As diverse and individual as the hardship and the need for support that people require, the support that the DEICHMANN Foundation makes possible is targeted. You can be sure that: Your donation will go towards the project you want to support. All administrative costs, as well as expenses for fundraising and public relations are funded by the DEICHMANN Foundation.

Whenever more donations than necessary are received for a project, any excess funds will be used for tasks with a similar goal and purpose.

Other areas where we offer support

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Every donated euro reaches those in need, as all costs for administration and public relations are covered by a special donation from the DEICHMANN Foundation.


Through our work, we continuously contribute to achieving the sustainability goals of the globally coordinated 2030 Agenda.

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